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Personal Donor Advisory

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Where can my donations do the most good? How can I tell that an organization is significantly more effective than average? And how much should I donate anyway?

In addition to the information on our platform, we offer you free personal advisory services to address these and other questions. Donor advisory can be useful, for example, if you are planning larger donations. Or if you want to involve your family or your company. Or if you simply want to have more security in your donation decision.

Donor advisory can be a short phone call or a longer video call. We will always find an appointment at short notice.

If you would like to develop a multi-year donation strategy, we offer customized workshops, virtually or on site. Here, we first try to find out what kind of philanthropy best suits you or your family. To do this, we could discuss a series of short stories that highlight different facets of philanthropy. Afterwards, we could transfer the joint findings into your philanthropic profile. The profile makes visible what moves you most right now and what goals you want to achieve with your donation – both regarding the recipients of your giving and you personally. 

This is then the basis for the subsequent steps, with which we work out where exactly in the topics of your choice are the greatest levers of change, which concrete solutions have been proven to work and which organizations implement these solutions with the highest efficiency. 

Sometimes we come across topics or organizations that we don’t present on our platform, but which may nevertheless be just right for you. 

We often invite the founders and CEOs of the organizations we recommend for joint discussions with you, so that you can also get a personal picture of the people involved. 

Whether it’s a short phone call, a longer video call, or a series of workshops, our donor advisory is free of charge and independent. It is made possible by voluntary donations to our organization – from families we have supported in the past in their donation decisions.

To quickly and easily find out which type of support is right for you, just call us at +49-30-26035519, send us an email or feel free to use our contact form.

Foto von Anne Schulze

Anne Schulze

Founder & MD

Foto von Sebastian Schwiecker

Sebastian Schwiecker

Founder & MD

Foto von Stefan Shaw

Dr. Stefan Shaw

Founder & Head of Donor Advisory

Foto von Stephan Schwahlen

Stephan Schwahlen

Senior Donor Advisor

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