Shot through a window wall of the Effective Donations team sitting around a table and talking.


Shot through a window wall of the Effective Donations team sitting around a table and talking.


What we have achieved so far

Another successful year at Effektiv Spenden. Nearly 10,000 individuals in Germany and Switzerland donated 19 million euros to highly effective organizations in 2023.

You can also watch our virtual year in review here. Here is a summary of some of the highlights:

  • Of the 19 million euros donated, nearly 50% went to fighting poverty, 23% to mitigating climate change, 9% to improving animal welfare, and another 9% to safeguarding the future. The remaining 10% is primarily allocated to meta-topics.
  • 14.7 million euros come from German donors, 4.1 million euros from Switzerland. 
  • In addition, we have influenced around 3.1 million euros through our consulting services so that these funds have also flowed to highly effective organizations.

We have also introduced a number of formats and products to better meet the needs of our donors:

Since many donors would like to have a closer exchange with each other or with the organizations, there were several events, such as:

  • An evening with Professor Will MacAskill (one of the co-founders of Effective Altruism) in front of 150 guests 
  • Various evenings in small groups in various cities at donors' homes 
  • An end-of-year event at the GetYourGuide office, where around 50 of our larger donors had the opportunity to meet six of our recommended organizations live.
  • In addition, of course, lectures at conferences, companies, universities

Über unsere Fortschritte in den vergangenen Jahren haben wir auch regelmäßig auf unserer Webseite berichtet. Für 2023 here, für 2022 here, 2021 here, 2020 here and 2019 here.

How all this is financed

We process donations free of charge, meaning we don't keep any portion of your donation for ourselves. (We explain under what circumstances external fees may apply here.) However, we do need to finance ourselves. Our funds come from three main sources:

  • We receive significant donations from one-time donors who want to support us in inspiring many more donors to embrace effective giving. The reputable evaluators at Founders Pledge have assessed us and categorized us as a worthwhile "donation-multiplier" with significant leverage.
  • For a few months now, you have also been able to "co-donate" to us, i.e. voluntarily add a contribution for Effektiv Spenden in addition to your actual donation. We have already received some support for this. We hope that many more people will "co-donate" to us in the future and thus help to ensure that the idea of effective donations catches on in Germany, Switzerland and hopefully many other countries.
  • For individual projects, we have received project-specific financing by larger foundations, such as from the Center for Effective Altruism for our co-working space and from Founders Pledge from their Global Health and Development Fund.
  • We are particularly proud of the generous support by Open Philantrophy over 3 years in the amount of EUR 2.18 million to cover 50% of our operating costs. 

If you would also like to contribute to the spread of donating effectively in Germany, we would be delighted to receive your donation to Effektiv Spenden.

For those who want to know more

Effektiv Spenden is a project of UES - gemeinnützige GmbH für effektives Spenden, registered in Berlin (HRB 204815 B) and represented by the managing directors Sebastian Schwiecker and Anne Schulze in Germany.

Further documents (in German):

In Switzerland we are registered in Basel as the non-profit organization Effektiv Spenden Schweiz (ESS) with the company identification number CHE-175.741.919. The Board of Directors currently consists of 5 members: Sebastian Schwiecker (Co-President), Anne Schulze (Co-President), David Marti (Managing Director), Thomas Moispointner (Treasurer), Dr. Stefan Shaw (Assessor).

Further documents (in German):

Individual donation advice

Do you have any questions about our recommendations? Or are you planning such a large donation that you would like to have a personal discussion beforehand? Or would you like to work with us to develop a multi-year philanthropic strategy?

Sebastian Schwiecker

Founder & Managing Director

Anne Schulze

Founder & Managing Director

Stefan Shaw

Dr. Stefan Shaw

Founder & Head of Donor Advisory