Give a donation voucher
as a gift

With our donation voucher, you have the opportunity to give the gift of an effective donation and bring joy to those who seem to already have everything. It’s a great way to give a gift that does a lot of good, whether for a birthday, Christmas or another kind of celebration.

You make the donation directly through us and we guarantee that the entire amount will go to highly effective charities. The recipient redeems the voucher on our website and chooses which of our recommended organizations to donate to. This allows them to support a cause they feel strongly about.

The effective donation: A gift that actually helps

Our donation vouchers support the organizations that help most effectively. This way, you can achieve up to 100 times more with your donation gift. 

Based on current research findings, including those of Nobel Prize winners, we present the world's most promising charities. To do this, we work closely with experts who have been conducting extensive and in-depth research for many years. These experts then publish their analyses in full online. 

We all have the same goal: to find out as precisely as possible how much good an organization's program does for every euro invested, so that every euro donated can do as much good as possible. 


How long are the vouchers valid for?

The voucher codes are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. If vouchers are not redeemed within this period, the voucher amount will automatically benefit our fighting poverty fund". Therefore, all donation funds fully support the organizations recommended by us in any case.
We set this deadline so that the donations quickly reach where they are needed, as the legislator requires non-profit organizations to use funds promptly.

Who receives the donation receipt?

As the purchaser of the gift certificate, you will receive a donation receipt. This is because even though the recipient of the gift certificate chooses which organization to donate to, the donation comes from you for tax purposes. As with a normal donation to us, we will automatically send you the receipt by the end of the following February.

Can I choose the amount of the voucher?

Yes, the voucher amount is freely selectable. The minimum amount per voucher is €10.

Does your donation voucher cost any fees?

No, we do not charge any fees for voucher purchases. However, payment fees may be charged by credit card providers, PayPal etc. (see "What fees apply in Germany/Switzerland?" in our general FAQs). This means that the actual donation amount may be slightly less than the amount selected/displayed. We do not receive any of these payment provider fees (not even indirectly). We donate everything we receive in full.

How can I give the voucher as a gift?

You will receive the voucher code and link to redeem it by e-mail and can decide for yourself how and in which format you would like to give the code as a gift. You are welcome to use our PDF template for the voucher (for Germany and Switzerland) - print it out and enter the selected voucher amount and the code from your email in the document.

Are you interested in a Voucher Gift Card? Then please get in touch . Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further requests or comments. The vouchers are a new offer from Effektiv Spenden, and we look forward to your feedback and comments.