Job: Full Stack Engineer

Job: Full Stack Engineer

Effektiv Spenden is looking for a Full Stack Engineer to further develop our website and donor management system and help us raise hundreds of millions for some of the most effective charities in the world.

About Effektiv Spenden

We are  a non-profit based in Berlin and operate in three countries so far (Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic) We promote effective giving in line with the principles of effective altruism (EA) to a general audience, advise high-net-worth individuals and provide fiscal sponsorship to high-impact charities around the world.

Our growing team (currently 5.5 full-time equivalents) has the ambitious vision to significantly move the charitable markets we work in towards effective giving. Since 2019 we have raised more than €30 million. In addition, we run the Berlin EA Coworking Space TEAMWORK (founded in May 2021), which serves as a hub for the EA community. We are recommended by Founders Pledge and a Giving What We Can top charity.

The team

You will join as our second engineer and join a team of highly dedicated and experienced people, who have previously worked at places like McKinsey, the Boston Consulting Group, the Centre on Long-term Risk or consulted for the Gates Foundation. You will be working most closely with our Senior Full Stack Engineer, Sebastian.  On the product side, you will be working with our CEOs Anne and Basti as well as our Operations Manager Thomas. (Meet the rest of the team here).

Sebastian Schwiecker

Founder & CEO

About Sebastian

Sebastian studied economics at Freie Universität Berlin, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen and California State University. After his studies, he worked at KfW Development Bank and ProCredit Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina. Subsequently, he founded the social enterprise Helpedia and created the Socialcamp, the first German-language event on the topic of digitalization in the social sector. Later, he worked at Germany’s largest donation platform and in various social startups at the interface between innovation and the common good. Basti came up with the idea for Effektiv Spenden back in 2017. His goal: providing at least €100 million per year to the world’s most effective aid organizations.

Anne Schulze

Co-Founder & CEO

About Anne

Anne studied International Business Administration at ESB Reutlingen and at CESEM Reims. After graduation, she worked for an aid organization in Guatemala and then for the Boston Consulting Group. During her time as a consultant, she completed a Master of International Affairs at Columbia University. Before joining Effektiv Spenden, she worked together with Stefan, Sebastian Schwiecker and Sebastian Schienle in a German family foundation and then in the management team of SEEK Development, a strategy consultancy in the field of international development.

A co-founder from the beginning, Anne decided to also get involved operationally at Effektiv Spenden in 2022. With a focus on finance, human resources and processes, among other things, Anne ensures that the platform copes well with its dynamic growth and thereby creates the conditions for further growth and internationalization.

Thomas Moispointner


About Thomas

Thomas studied philosophy and German literature at Humboldt University Berlin and was inspired to work in the non-profit sector through his engagement in the Effective Altruist community. Before Effektiv Spenden, Thomas worked at the Stiftung für Effektiven Altruismus and the Center on Long-Term Risk. At Effektiv Spenden, Thomas is a generalist with responsiblities for many different areas, in particular operations. He contributed significantly to our dynamic growth when working as the only full-time employee alongside our founder Sebastian in 2021.

Dr. Sebastian Becker

Senior Full Stack Engineer

About Sebastian

Sebastian works on our donation platform and our wesbite. Before Effektiv Spenden, he worked as a software engineer for a FinTech in London and has been the lead developer on the EA Hub. In a previous life, he received a PhD in philosophy from the University of St Andrews and taught Maths for two years on the Teach First programme in England.

Location, Salary and Working Hours

  • Location: Preferably in our office in Berlin, otherwise remote in Germany or +/- 3 hours of Berlin time
  • Salary: €50,000-€75,000, depending on experience
  • Working hours: 40hours/week
  • Language: Fluency in either English or German. Knowledge of German can be helpful, but is not required.

Our tech stack

  • Donation platform:
    • RubyOnRails
    • VueJS
    • Postgres
    • AWS, heroku
  • Website: WordPress
  • Data analytics
    • AWS Quicksight
    • Google Analytics

About you

You’re an experienced full stack engineer who enjoys working in small teams to deliver high-quality web applications. You’ve built robust, user-facing software, striking the right balance between execution speed and reliability. You have the desire to build a product which best helps advance our mission.

Desirable skills and traits

This is what our ideal candidate would look like, we don’t expect you to fulfill all of these.

  • Technological experience and skill
    • 2+ years of professional experience with modern web development
    • Knowledge of
      • HTML/CSS
      • Javascript frameworks (e.g., VueJS, Rails)
      • MVC-frameworks (e.g., Rails, Django or ASP.NET Framework)
      • Relational databases (e.g., postgres, mysql)
      • SaaS deployment and cloud providers (e.g., Heroku, AWS)
      • Content Management Systems (e.g., WordPress)
      • BI tools (AWS Quicksight)
    • Ability to learn new technologies
    • Solid understanding of the full web stack
  • Motivation: Broad alignment with the mission of Effektiv Spenden
  • Self-management:
    • Excellent ability to prioritise and plan your work
    • Conscientiousness and attention to detail
  • Problem solving: Ability to find reliable and pragmatic solutions as well as novel ones where necessary
  • User-focus
    • Experience of creating user-friendly designs
    • Experience building end-user-facing features
  • Collaboration
    • Experience working in small tech teams: code reviews, pair programming, contributing to technical discussions
    • Ability to work in an agile environment, respond to changing feature requests, and take ownership of features
    • Openness to giving and receiving regular feedback

The application process

  1. Fill out application form. Will be assessed on a rolling basis from Tuesday, 3rd of January, onwards
  2. Screening interview
  3. Technical interview
  4. Final interview with CEOs

We no longer accept applications for this role.